Sunday, 10 November 2013

So just what does a photographer hang in his own hall?

Don't you just love decorating the hall?  (Really need an emoticon for 'heavy irony' after that statement!)

Kemp's Kingdom is not especially palatial, but when you add up the doors... reception rooms, loo, kitchen, cupboard under stairs, bedrooms, bathroom, airing cupboard... then they seem to go on for ever. And then there's all that skirting board, a zillion posts on the bannister (do they have a proper name?) endless skirting board and coving... and those bits of wall & ceiling cunningly located over the stairs that make you balance on the bannister (before you paint it!).

American Alium
And then when you are done, the whole thing looks bare and the fun begins... just what are we going to put on the walls?  EU negotiations, Iran nuclear talks and the US fiscal cliff negotiations all pale into insignificance compared to the debate here.   
This debate has  definitely taken longer than the painting did! 

Purple Depth

But we have a resolution...  

We are going floral, with a bit of a colour theme.We've got three A3 pictures going up in rather snazzy 20x16 frames:

the portrait dahlia (top right above), and then two pictures that I hope give you the sense of depth that they do me; 

Dahlia and raindrop

and dramatic 12 inch square dahlia print in an 18 inch frame.
Autumn in

And at the head of the stairs an 18x12 inch print of my most popular image (as reckoned both by sales and 'favourites' in my Etsy shop) - Autumn in Pastel.  This is the largest I have printed this - and it looks fabulous!  It's in a 24x18 frame.

On balance, I have to say choosing the photos was more fun than choosing or applying the paint in the hall!

Autumn in Pastel and Dahlia with raindrop are available in my Etsy shop.

The others could be.  Please do let me know what you think.

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